Friday, September 25, 2009

17th International Quran Exhibition

17th International Quran Exhibition

Dear all

It is kind information that I participated in International Holy Quran Exhibition 2009 in Tehran, Iran, Aug. 25 to 10 Sep. This is a very attractive, influence for soul and artistic exhibition.
27 countries (Iraq, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Turkey, Tunisia, Sudan, Syria and others) attend it and million peoples observe this beautiful festival. The organizing committee collects my two pieces of artwork for calligraphy museum in Tehran. I also participated in other three exhibitions in same time like Bismilla Calligraphy Exhibition, Al-Asmaul Husna Exhibition and International Visual Art Exhibition in Tehran. I got an award and certificates and some calligraphy books, catalogues and tools. I am selected a Jury Board Member of Bismillah Competition in Tehran. I visit calligraphy museum, national archive, pahlovi museums, gulistan palace, laleh park, contemporary art museum, ancient fort and other foke and culture museum. I also visit central office of iqna (International Quran News Agency) in Tehran.

I receive a certificate from cultural minister of Iran. I am very happy to participate such these exhibitions.

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Thoufeek Zakriya said...

I liked you calligraphy very much to me arabic calligraphic is my favorite even when i recite Quran Kareem i use to get attracted by the alphabets, especially the word "kul" the lam and ra is other favorite alphabets.hope you liked mine calligraphy and inshaallah i will post my more arabic calligraphic works in my blog

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