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Dedicated artistic works and contribution of Mohammad Abdur Rahim In Calligraphy Arena of BANGLADESH

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In Calligraphy Arena of
Dedicated artistic works and contribution of Mohammad Abdur Rahim

Bangladesh Calligraphy Foundation


Islamic Art and Culture of Bangladesh are very rich and wealthy. There is no shadow of doubt that the development of Islamic Civilization in Bengal for more than five hundred years from 1204 to 1757 was in fact extension of Arab-Turkish-Afghan-Mughal Cultural heritage in which the Sultans and Emperors played a vital role. The development of Islamic art and Culture in Bengal for that matter Bangladesh, as demonstrated in architecture, painting, ceramics, glazed tiles, tarracottas, calligraphy, numismatics, metal work, wood carving, ivory, filigree works, textile and tapestry, including muslin was patronized by ruling class. Especially the Calligraphy is a very amazing and attractive part of art and culture in Bangladesh. 

Mohammad Abdur Rahim is a top calligraphy artist of Bangladesh. He tries hard to express Quranic Calligraphy in Bangladesh. He is the Ustad of Aqlam al-Sittah(Six major calligraphy style) and he teaches calligraphy khatt and paintings since 1998 to till now. He makes more than thousand calligraphy khatt and paintings. He opens a new part of Islamic art here called the Islamic Illumination. He works in various medium on calligraphy like ceramics, pottery, glazed tiles, terracotta, metal work, wood carving, painting and architecture.

He co-operates to arrange many calligraphy exhibition and competition. In the occasion of celebration of DHAKA Islamic Culture Capital for Asian Region 2012 to arrange Calligraphy Exhibition in Shilpakala Academy, Mohammad Abdur Rahim co-operates with it. In this exhibition attend 32 senior and junior calligraphy artist of Bangladesh, there are 16 calligraphy artist of this exhibition is student of Mohammad Abdur Rahim.

Calligraphy Documentary of Mohammad Abdur Rahim showed by Islamic TV 2008 in Holy Ramadan. Published more than hundreds articles of Abdur Rahim on Calligraphy subjects in national daily news papers and magazines. He is the Representative of IRCICA on calligraphy in Bangladesh chapter 2009 and he co-operates to attend in international calligraphy exhibition and competition.

It can easily be said that, in Calligraphy Arena of Bangladesh, dedicated artistic works and contribution of Mohammad Abdur Rahim is remarkable.

Aminul Islam Amin
Bangladesh Calligraphy Foundation
18 July 2012


Dedicated artistic works and contribution of Mohammad Abdur Rahim

Attend in 13 national and 11 international art and calligraphy exhibition and competition.

Catalog of
17th International Quran Exhibition 2009, Tehran, Iran

Catalog of
International Cultural Festival of Calligraphy 2010, Algiers, Algeria


Logo award from 6th International Festival of Besmellah, September 2009 organized by Moka’ab Honar Cultural and Art Institution, Tehran, Iran.

Mohammad Abdur Rahim, in front of his logo artwork
2009, Tehran, Iran


Select jury board member of 6th International Festival of Besmellah, September 2009 organized by Moka’ab Honar Cultural and Art Institution, Tehran, Iran.
Invitation Card of
6th International Festival of Besmellah, 2009

Calligraph-Art ( The first News Magazine in Bangla language on Calligraphy Art in Bangladesh)

First Issue of
The Monthly Calligraph-Art
August, 2003, Dhaka, Banglades

Editor of
This Calligraphy book in Bangla language “Origin and development of Arabic Calligraphy: Bangladesh Perspective”
December, 2005, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Teaching is in the Calligraphy Course of Bangladesh Calligraphy Society since 1998 to till now.

Arabic Calligraphy styles to students in Calligraphy class, 2010, Dhaka.


Author of Calligraphy Books
Mohammad Abdur Rahim writes some valuable Calligraphy books theoretical and practical in Bangla and Arabic language.

Islami Calligraphy (Bangla language)
Theoretical with 120 calligraphy pictures, 2002, Dhaka

Calligraphy book
(Language Bangla)
Practical Handbook

Thuluth, Naskh, Diwani styles

2004, Dhaka

Arabic Calligraphy Naskhilipi(A practical Handbook of Naskh style). Language Bangla. 2005, Dhaka.

Khatt Moa’lla
A practical Handbook of
Moa’lla style
Language Arabic and Bangla

2009, Dhaka
Front Cover

Two pages of
Khatt Moa’lla

Back Cover


Suls Lipishaili

A practical Handbook of
Thuluth style
Language Bangla
2008, Dhaka


Arbi Calligraphir Biswoy

(Splendour of Arabic Calligraphy)

A notable collection of
world famous calligraphy.
Language Bangla

2010, Dhaka


Quran page
In various styles is his writing Quran pages.

Sura Feel

Bengal Tugra

Sura Ikhlas
Kufi Mushaf(Magribi)

Sura Asr

Kufi Andalusi

Sura Najiat

Naskh Bengal Region

Sura Ikhlas

Kufi Mashaf

Sura Kawsar
Kufi Andalusi

Sura Nasr
Thuluth, 2007, Dhaka

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