Thursday, July 12, 2012

Calligraphy Exhibition, Dhaka 2012

Kalima Tyeba-1, acrylic on canvas, size- 50cmX50cm, 2012. Calligraphy painting of Mohammad Abdur Rahim.

‘Capital of Islamic Culture of the Asian Region for 2012’ will be celebrated in the city through a year-long programme beginning on July 14.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to inaugurate the programme at city’s Osmani Memorial auditorium.

Information Minister Abul Kalam Azad came up with disclosure at a press conference at his office on Thursday.

Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IESCO) and Information Ministry will jointly organize the programme.

A total of 57-member countries of OIC will participate in the programme.

Earlier of the year, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) declared Dhaka as the Asian Islamic cultural capital for having its rich Islamic heritage and culture.

The yearlong programme would be telecast live by Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar projecting the country’s culture and Islamic heritage, earlier the minister informed.

The programmes will include national symposiums on Islamic thinkers, cultural tourism workshop with participation of members in Asian region, exhibition of Dhaka’s best traditional artwork, foods, calligraphy, book fair, open discussion on Islamic heritage and regional training course and drama on Islamic heritage.

A souvenir on Capital of Islamic Culture of Asian Region 2012 would be published by Bangla Academy, Azad informed.

Cultural Ministry Secretary Suraiya Begum and Chief Information Officer Aminul Islam were also present at the press meet.

For this occasion in Shilpakala Academy Galary, Dhaka to be held 14th to 20th July 2012  a colorful and prideful Calligraphy Exhibition. Famous Artist Murtaza Basheer, Syfful Islam, Ibrahim Mondol, Arifur Rahman, Aminul Islam Amin, Mahbub Murshid, Mohammad Abdur Rahim, Ferdous Ara Ahmed and others 32 Calliphraphy Artist's works exhibit in the exhibition.

Here some colorful and glorious calligraphy of Mohammad Abdur Rahim that to be exhibit in the exhibition.

Kalima Tayeba,  acrylic on canvas, size- 50cmX70cm, 2012   

Bengal Tugra is a traditional calligraphy art-form of Bangladesh. Here a beautiful Bengal Tugra of Mohammad Abdur Rahim.

Bengal Tugra, acrylic on canvas, size- 50cmX70cm, 2012

Bangladesh is a country of river. Many and various kind of boat here. In Bangladeshi art arena artist and calligrapher influence by boat. Mohammad Abdur Rahim very like to make a boat calligraphy painting.

Save, acrylic on canvas, size- 50cmX70cm, 2012

When you see a local people's house gate name-stone in Bangladesh, May be you find a calligraphy of Quranic verse "Haga min fadl rabbi" that means- "This is gift from my lord Allah." So therefore, Mohammad Abdur Rahim influence by this Quranic verse and he make a nice calligraphy painting.

Fadl, acrylic on canvas, size- 50cmX70cm, 2012

Allah is most merciful and beneficent. In Quranic verse "Hua al-Rahman al-Rahim". Every Calligrapher loves Allah and this is the love to express in calligraphy. Mohammad Abdur Rahim express his love in calligraphy.

Love, acrylic on canvas, size- 50cmX70cm, 2012

Tasbih is the part of prayer. Calligrapher try to express Tasbih in Calligraphy. Mohammad Abdur Rahim makes a Tasbih calligraphy Painting.

Tasbih, acrylic on canvas, size- 50cmX70cm, 2012

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