Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paintings of Mohammad Abdur Rahim

Mohammad Abdur Rahim makes a calligraphy

The painting of Bangladeshi Calligraphist Mohammad Abdur Rahim is excellent and marvelous. He works on canvas mainly and acrylic color achieve very nice.

Painting Catalog Cover
 He attend in various Calligraphy and Art Exhibitions home and abroad. His recent some works.

This Painting makes on special Bangladeshi cumilla khaddor cloth. He used here acrylic with golden metallic color. Various arabic type thuluth, kufi, nask show here.

Song of Unity
 Artist may be says that Unity of all things is due to Allah. Color and texture plays here plasticity together.

Song of love
Love may turn in to creation. Allah loves us and we feel every moment love of Almighty. This painting's color and composition is turn us in to love.

Power of Unity
What is the power of unity? Unity upraise on base a sustain thing. Allah is the only one who must be could a base of power of unity. This painting boldly says that Allah is the power of Unity.

Song of Infinity
Every thing in a circle. We can't overcome it. But Allah is the infinity. We see the universe and feel the infinity of Allah.

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