Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jukhrufa Arabia and Bengal Tughra

Jukhrufa Arabia is important part of Islamic Art. I made new two Jukhrufa.

Sura Fatiha with Jukhrufa

working jukhrufa.

Bengal Tugra and Muhaqqaqe font with Jukhrufa.
Bengal Tughra Calligraphy is world famous calligraphy style. In 1200 to 1500 A.D independent Bengal Sultans are active role to express this calligraphy in the world. Now, I try to revive this heritage of Bengal as well as possible. This is very elegant and imagine calligraphy style. this style established strong Bengal art ability in the world. We proud and influence by Bengal Tughra.   

Jukhrufa Arabia is first time going in Bangladesh. I learn it from Algeria in 2010. I feel this art are very important for our society. I hope, near future Jukhrufa Arabia will most popular in our country.

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