Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Maszid Calligraphy in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of beautiful heritage. Since 1204 A.D. here are established thousand of Maszid. The Maszid has beautiful  calligraphy and ornament. In a tradition, we continue make calligraphy. Recently, Bangladesh Calligraphy Foundation started to produce awesome calligraphy for Maszid.

The Sattar Maszid

In Vangnahati, roadside of Maona-Sripur of Gazipur district a grand maszid, locally named- Notun Maszid. A beautiful inlay calligraphy in all over the maszid. The biggest calligraphy project of Bangladesh Calligraphy Foundation. Calligrapher Mohammad Abdur Rahim started work in there 2010 and complete the work in 2016. There are a big volume of calligraphy from Turkish calligrapher Dr. Mozaffor Ahmed, grand ostad of Abdur Rahim and rest of calligraphy made by Abdur Rahim, The hole work of calligraphy resize, correction and implementation done by Abdur Rahim, Marble design Mihrab and wooden Mimber also designed by him.

South view

Masjid Calligraphy (Bangla language)

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